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Everth Cabrera mistakenly let his bat go flying and Chris Denorfia was not happy about it

Who says baseball's not a physical sport?

During Friday's Giants-Padres game, Chris Denorfia got a full-contact test of his reflexes, and while he didn't fail per se, he certainly didn't pass with flying colors.

The slow-mo replay shows everyone clearing out when Everth Cabrera's bat came flying into the Padres dugout -- everyone except for Denorfia, who just adopts a duck-and-cover approach with only a small degree of success.

He clearly was not pleased, gesturing that this was the second time he'd been the victim of such an unfortunate accident. Thankfully for him -- and all of us really -- there wasn't much damage. Maybe a bruised ego, but nothing lasting or DL-worthy.

It's been a touch-and-go week for guys in the dugout: first Joey Bats and now this. Not that we don't love watching videos like this, but people need to keep their head on a swivel out there. A sport with flying balls, swinging bats and racing sausages is bound to get a bit scary at times.

-- Dakota Gardner /