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Check out every walk-off home run since 1973 in this beautiful infographic

Every walk-off HR since 1973 in one infographic

There's little greater in baseball (or life, really) than a walk-off home run. In a game with no clock and that could conceivably carry on until the heat death of the universe, it is the deep drive into the stands in the bottom of the ninth that lets the players rush onto the field and the fans jump and scream in a revelatory experience not all that dissimilar from an ancient Pagan sun ritual, that trumps all.

It is in that spirit that we bring to you the infographic to end all infographics. That's right, it's the walk-off of infographics on walk-offs. 

This is the full and total accounting for every walk-off dinger from 1973 through the All-Star break, with every blast cataloged and served up to you in pleasing graphical form. Click on the graphic to view in full-size:

You may also thrill to learn that there have been two walk-off home runs hit in the sixth inning: Bobby Rhawn of the New York Giants hit the second and final home run of his career off of the Brooklyn Dodgers' Hank Behrman in the second game of a doubleheader just as daylight was fading, and Dusty Rhodes homered for the eighth time in 11 games to give the New York Giants the win before a heavy downpour ended the game

As for the War and Peace option, the one that kept fans in endless suspense the longest before giving them sweet reverie, that belongs to Harold Baines who homered off Chuck Porter in the bottom of the 25th inning on May 8, 1984. This came after the Brewers and White Sox traded three runs in the 21st frame. 

As for pitchers, while Craig Lefferts is the only pitcher since 1973 to hit a walk-off, there are at least thirteen others that we know of. Sadly for Wally Burnette, who finished his career with a 116 ERA+ in three seasons, he gave up two homers to pitchers. Whoops.