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Face/Off: Is Matt Harvey the second coming of Nicolas Cage?

Here's the thing about Mets phenom Matt Harvey and celebrated Hollywood star Nicolas Cage: They sort of look alike. Kind of. But the uncanny similarities don't stop there. See also:

  • Matt Harvey made his Major League debut against the D-backs in Phoenix. One of Nicolas Cage's first leading roles was in the movie Raising Arizona.
  • Sports Illustrated recently hailed Harvey, whose preferred childhood Halloween costume was Batman, as "The Dark Knight of Gotham." Cage is a devoted fan of Superman, so much so that he christened his son Kal-El -- the Man of Steel's Kryptonian birth name.
  • Nicolas Cage starred in National Treasure. Matt Harvey is a National League treasure.
  • Harvey has a keen interest in style, with John Varvatos, Rag & Bone and Burberry among his favorite designers. Nic, too, has made some memorable fashion choices over the course of his career.

Nicolas Cage Fashion

  • Matt Harvey's favorite meal in New York is a medium-rare steak. Nicolas Cage also enjoys eating meat, but only if he approves of the animal's mating habits.
  • Harvey posed nude in the 2013 edition of ESPN the Magazine's "Body Issue." Nicolas Cage once woke up to find a naked man eating a Fudgesicle at the foot of his bed.
  • Nicolas Cage has eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms with his cat. Matt Harvey doesn't have a cat, but maybe he will, one day.
  • Over his heart, Matt Harvey has a tattoo of a note written by his late aunt. On his back, Cage has a tattoo of a monitor lizard wearing a top hat. (Really.)
  • Nicolas Cage is an anagram for "laconic sage," which is kind of interesting. Matt Harvey is good "at math, very," which is also kind of interesting.

After a Civil War-era photo of a man who looks remarkably like Cage surfaced online in 2011, the actor was (jokingly) rumored to be an ageless vampire. We're not ruling it out.

Nicolas Cage Vampire

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /