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The REAL fake umpires were back at Citi Field and they brought their A-game

REAL fake umps make triumphant return at Mets game

When we talk about fake umpires, we're usually talking about the dancing variety. Or the kind that are really just fans yelling passionately about their own interpretation of what it means to commit on a check swing. But on Sunday night at Citi Field, there was a different -- perhaps better -- pair of fake umpires.

Tim Williams and Joe Farrell fancy themselves the original fake umpires. Back in 2008, they donned masks and sat behind home plate for an MLB game, jokingly making their own calls from the comfort of the stands. 

But what started as a joke soon turned into a worthwhile endeavor as the guys took their show on the road in the years to come, taking in MLB games across the country and raising awareness for Umps Care, the official charity of MLB umpires. 

Williams and Farrell hung up their masks in 2010, but were recently inspired when they spotted a couple of imposters in the frame of a Giants game at AT&T Park. So, the guys dusted off that equipment and went for one late, enormous score -- the one that ends with umbrella drinks on a remote island if they were starring in a heist film.

The guys looked to raise $5,000 for Umps Care this time around. By the time the Mets had bested the Nationals, 5-2, Williams and Farrell had raked in nearly $6,000 for the good cause. Oh, and there were lots of great calls to be made, thanks to Noah Syndergaard who was absolutely dealing during his eight-inning, nine-strikeout win.



We miss you guys already, Real Fake Umpires. You had a nice run. Enjoy your ride off into the sunset. We'll always have Paris and all that jazz.

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