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You won't want to miss these eight new fall TV series starring MLB players

This fall's 8 hottest new shows starring MLB players

The much-anticipated Fall TV season is kicking into high gear, providing viewers with a whole bunch of new shows they didn't know they've always wanted: Gotham City without Batman! A show about a bad judge! While many of the other offerings may actually be watchable, there's always room for improvement. And what's the surest way to improve any television program? Cast Major League ballplayers as the stars.

So as you get ready to sit back and tune in to the adventures of Ichabod Crane fighting monsters, here are the eight TV shows we wish we could be watching:

The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang

This long-running comedy features five physics-obsessed baseball scientists out to prove just how far a home run can be hit. You'll laugh at their wacky antics, be amazed at their seemingly impossible-under-the-laws-of-nature blasts and find yourself yelling "BAZOONGA!" all the damn time. 

American Horror Story: Freak Show


The new miniseries from creative genius Ryan Murphy, Freak Show follows the terrifying day-to-day exploits of Tim Lincecum. Will he shave the mustache?  Will he dress up as a manager? Will he throw seeds into his mouth like some sort of terrifying bird monster? 

Bird monster

As you try to fall asleep at night, one thought will run through your head: "I have no bloody idea what's going on."

Touch My Head with Adrian Beltre

Adrian Beltre

This hot new game show from the producers of What's That Smell? is hosted by Major League Baseball's own Adrian Beltre. After answering a series of trivia questions, two contestants will get to run an obstacle course with the final challenge of touching Adrian Beltre's head. But watch out -- accidentally touch one of the many Beltre-lookalikes that pepper the set, and you'll wind up in a windowless isolation chamber for the next thirty days instead of of on that glamorous European vacation. 

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Fish Gods

Fish Gods

In this Lovecraftian horror series, Mike Trout stars as baseball player Mike Bass -- seemingly an otherworldly talent who combines speed, power and defense in equal abundance. Turns out, that's because he is from another world!

After stumbling upon an ancient tome hidden beneath his floorboards, Bass realizes he's a member of an eldritch race of Fish Gods that's been hiding in plain sight for generations. With the Fish Gods' plans soon turning to world domination, will Bass choose to aid his ancestors or the good people of Earth? 

Puig Knows Best


Yasiel Puig is your run-of-the-mill young baseball superstar with a brilliant smile and an ever-growing fanbase. But after finding a young boy, Bruce, with amnesia and no recollection of his previous life or parents, Puig has no choice but to bring him into his house and into his heart. Puig never imagined how difficult it would be to both play for the Dodgers and play at being a Dad -- all the while trying to unlock the secrets of Bruce's past. You may not believe this, but hijinks do ensue.

Like when Puig tries to teach Bruce how to flip his bats properly and they accidentally break the mayor's car window.

Puig car

Or the time that the two of them head into the mountains to ski only to learn that there's a wild bear on the loose. 

This is a show for the young and young-at-heart.

Scooter Cops


Ripped straight from the headlines, this series stars Hunter Pence as the chief detective in the SFPD's scooter-related crime department. Ten years after his beloved scooter was stolen, Pence busts his butt to make sure that no one has to experience that horror again. You'll thrill at the bartenders who provide necessary exposition while stocking their shelves or the mother of three who also provides necessary exposition while cleaning the kitchen.

Even better: Every episode features a high-octane scooter chase at roughly 15-20 miles per hour!

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Ghost Runners

Ghost Runners

On this reality series, three ballplayers are brought together ... and then dropped off at a haunted location overnight. Hooked up with cameras and bio-feedback monitors, will these baseball players answer the questions we've long wondered: Are ghosts real? And if they are, can they hit a breaking ball? 

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul

In this much anticipated spinoff from the hit series Breaking Bad, the role of Saul Goodman has been recast to feature former Indians and Nationals reliever, Saul Rivera. Asked why the change was made, showrunner Vince Gilligan said, "I dunno."