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Giancarlo Stanton hit a 115-mph home run and this guy caught it ... WITH HIS BARE HAND!

Fan catches Stanton's 115-mph home run with bare hand

On Tuesday, Giancarlo Stanton hit a home run out of Dodger Stadium.

On Friday, Stanton hit a home run into the camera room at Marlins Park.

If you thought he couldn't top that, you'd be wrong because, on Saturday, he launched a rocket of a home run into the seats above the 418 sign at Marlins Park. Oh, and some guy caught it ... WITH HIS BARE HAND!


Statcast clocked that dinger at a hit speed of 115 mph. It traveled 478 feet, cleared the outfield, the wall, the grassy knoll and the facade to reach one lucky fan in the upper deck.

That fan is Ryan Carlos Mont from West Palm Beach, Fla., and he just made the play of the year. Mont was in Section 134 of Marlins Park for his first game of the season, but didn't exactly think he was in home-run territory:

"I didn't think it could get this high up, to be honest with you. I thought we had a better chance of catching one from a player while they were practicing, than of catching a home run."

Mont admitted that he thought the home run was going to drop before reaching his tier of seats, or that it would curve too far away for him to reach over the railing. Turns out, though, that Stanton had the distance and Mont had the reach to create one of the greatest fan catches you'll ever see.


As if he couldn't be any more impressive, Mont made the incredible catch and then selflessly gave it to his friend who's a HUGE fan of Stanton. This guy deserves a freakin' medal.

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