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Cubs fan trolled Cardinals fans by remotely playing 'Go Cubs Go' on St. Louis jukeboxes

For the duration of the Cubs' four-game NLDS victory over the Cardinals, one of the sports longest-standing rivalries felt brand new again. The teams provided their fair share of fireworks, but the players weren't the only ones bringing their A-game into the postseason. Fans of both teams stepped up in the clutch too. 

Like this Cubs fan in Arizona, who spent $50 of his own hard-earned money to purchase credits on a music app so that he could remotely play "Go Cubs Go" on St. Louis-area jukeboxes in the hours leading up to Tuesday's Game 4:

Brace yourselves, Mets/Dodgers fans, because this Cubbies fan has already said he's coming' for you next.

h/t CBS Chicago