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Fan surprises Paul Konerko with World Series grand slam ball, catches foul 3 innings later

Fan who surprised Konerko with WS ball catches foul

If you've ever wondered whether karma exists, look no further than White Sox fan Chris Claeys. Nine years ago, Claeys caught this grand slam from Paul Konerko in Game 2 of the 2005 World Series: 

Though Claeys says he probably could have sold the ball for somewhere between $50,000-100,000 (or roughly one-to-two diamond-encrusted bluetooth headsets -- for the person who must make hands-free phone calls in style), he instead held onto the ball. At least until the White Sox asked if he would be willing to part with the souvenir on Paul Konerko Day. 

Of course Claeys agreed. As Scott Merkin reported, after meeting Konerko, receiving a signed picture and a getting a White Sox suite for the day, Claeys said "That's really all I wanted was that."


That wouldn't be all Claeys walked away with, though. Because in the bottom of the 3rd inning, Claeys caught a foul ball. But not just any foul ball, this was a ball off the bat of (who else?) ... Paul Konerko.

After the catch, Claeys said "This has been an awesome experience, I'm having a really great day!" 


So while the odds of catching a foul ball at the park are roughly 1 in 1,189, the odds of someone catching a foul ball off the bat of the player they surprised mere hours before with a World Series grand slam ball that they hit nearly a decade ago ... well, let's just say that mathematicians don't have the ability to calculate that number. 

(additional reporting by Kamaya Thompson / Real-Time Correspondent)

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