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FanFest Day 2: Cowbellman, Expos fans and a guy dressed as an umpire

Characters, characters, characters. They make baseball great.

FanFest Day 2 was full of them, and we decided to profile a few in attendance.

Things started off a little shaky after I spilled Philly Cheesesteak cheese on my shirt. I smelled like cheese, looked like cheese and probably tasted like cheese. Nobody wanted to talk to me.

Philly Cheesesteak cart. Try it, just don't eat and walk.


After that was all cleaned up, I headed out into the vast expanse that is New York City's Javits Center, and ran into Pinman! This Mets superfan wears 270 pins at a time and keeps about 9,000 at home:


A loud clatter made me move to the opposite side of the arena. It was Cowbellman. Eddie has been Cowbellman for about 23 years, and you've probably heard his rally cry if you've ever been to Shea or Citi:


Suddenly, we were thrust back in time to FanFest '04. Although not from Montreal, this guy has been an Expos fan since the very beginning, and continues to sport the red, white and blue everywhere he goes:


Sandy Koufax (and bow-tie'n, Bill Nye'n) would be proud:


Finally, I was thrown out of the building. While most fans were dressed as their favorite players, this guy came as an umpire. Note - He actually is one in a New Jersey high school league:


Keep checking back with Cut4 (and follow us on Twitter) throughout the All-Star break and we'll show you the sights and sounds from FanFest, the Futures Game, the Home Run Derby, the All-Star Game and so much more.

-- Matt Monagan /


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