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Fans attempt to see three games in three states ... IN ONE DAY

Fans attempt to see three games in three states

People attend doubleheaders all the time. Two games in one day (in one stadium) is no big deal. Even crosstown doubleheaders, where the teams switch stadiums, are fairly easy to attend with public transit.

But what about three different games ... in three different states ... in one day?!!??!

No, seriously. That's what these eight guys from Chicago attempted to do on Saturday.

The group flew out to Detroit to catch the Tigers-Giants game (1:10 p.m. EST), were heading back home to see the Pirates and Cubs (4:05 p.m. CT) and finally, they'd be off to Milwaukee to catch the Cardinals and Brewers (7:10 p.m. CT). The start of the Cubs game was delayed due to a postponement on Friday, so they mayyy have been able to catch all three. Either way, it's a pretty cool idea. Let's just hope there were no transportation issues:


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