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The 10 best fan reactions from Anthony Rizzo's amazing leaping catch into the stands

10 best fan reactions to Anthony Rizzo's great catch

Robert Frost was not a fan of walls or fences. In "Mending Wall," the poet wrote, "Before I built a wall I'd ask to know/What I was walling in or walling out."

Suffice to say, he probably loved players diving over the fence to catch baseballs, ending the separation between fan and player, viewer and participant, action and reaction. Which also means he would have loved Anthony Rizzo's amazing grab against the Brewers on Wednesday night. With Ryan Braun batting in the top of the sixth inning, Rizzo ran down the first-base line, leapt over the tarp and onto the wall and, with a full stretch, made the catch before tumbling into the stands to be engulfed by Cubs fans. 

Fortunately, because he made the catch while on the wall and not in the stands, it was ruled a catch and not merely a beautiful piece of performance art.


But while the catch was nice, the reaction from the crowd was even better. Here are the 10 best: 



For a brief moment, chaos broke out: There were two Anthony Rizzos in the stands. Did the multiverse briefly collapse upon us? Was this all a staged setup and the real Rizzo was going to switch places with the imposter and run away to France? Does the Cubs first baseman have an evil twin? 

Fortunately, it was all quickly sorted out. We think. 

2. This fan who was totally going to make the catch


No, sir, I'm afraid you weren't.

3. Literally no one has any depth perception whatsoever


It's hard to see, but all those circle people, some 5-50 feet away, have their hands outstretched to make the catch. 

They shouldn't feel bad, though. I have, literally, never caught a fly ball in my extensive Little League or adult softball career. In fact, I probably had my hand out to make the catch while writing this post in my apartment. 

4. This MacGyver of a woman


Just look at how she has cleverly constructed both a catching apparatus with her sweatshirt, and also an outdoor shelter and rainwater collector all at once. 

5. This guy who was trying to astrally project to get a better view


Head thrust forward, look of anguish upon his face, this was a man hoping to unmerge his soul and body. 

6. The "I can't believe what I just saw" cartoon wipe of the eyes


You know, like this: 


7. The "Aliens are here from 'Independence Day'" reaction


And for those that don't think of it every day, here is the context that you crave:

8. The circus ringleader


Here is a man who knows something great just happened. Rather than stand back and merely watch, he wants the world to know that he is important. For he is the gatekeeper. "Feast your eyes on Anthony Rizzo," his body language is saying, "For my presence has created this masterpiece."  

9. This woman who has the vapours


Hurry! Someone needs to make sure her sanguine and melancholic fluids are in the proper ratios! 

10. And finally, this man who has never seen a pop fly in his life and believes that the sky is breaking


"My God!" his facial expression implies. "Repent, repent now! Reality is cracking at its very seems. Nothing is as it seems! It's all coming apart!"

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