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Feast your eyes on two mind-boggling catches by Ben Revere and Mookie Betts in a single afternoon

Ben Revere, Mookie Betts make mind-boggling catches

It's bad to be greedy. We know this. And yet when a single afternoon features not one but two spectacular catches that prompt reflexive what-the-whoas like a doctor whacking your knee with a tiny hammer, it's hard not to want to hoard them all for ourselves and never watch anything else ever again.

But we will share, because minds deserve to be blown around the globe.

First, we have Ben Revere. As Curtis Granderson lifted a pitch to left field in the bottom of the 5th inning at Citi Field, Revere hustled, dove, laid out 180-degrees parallel to the ground and snatched the ball by the mere tip of his glove. It was downright super-heroic:


Just minutes later, in the top of the first inning at Fenway Park, Mookie Betts whispered "Are you sated on incredible catches?" and we cried back, "No!" So, he robbed Bryce Harper of a home run:


While you compose yourself after seeing all of that awesomeness, let us remind you that these aren't the only catches worthy of enshrinement recently. Do you recall George Springer's walk-off grand slam-preventing grab Sunday afternoon?


Or Adam Eaton's Jim Edmonds-esque diving catch from Thursday?


My-oh-my. What is to be done with this gluttonous oeuvre of catches? A poll to see which is the best? Yes, that is a fine idea:

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