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First baseman Matt Clark becomes newest player to live-tweet 'The Bachelor'

If it's Monday night during the offseason, there's only one thing for a ballplayer to do: Watch The Bachelor, of course.

At Brewers On Deck, first baseman Matt Clark revealed that it's not just a competition, "it's about finding true love." 

@Agetka asks @mattclark60 about #TheBachelor... #MattChat60 #BrewersOnDeck

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That naturally meant that Clark and his fiancé Julia Morales' Monday evening plans were out. No longer can they beg out of dinner plans by saying they have a "previous engagement."

With their secret out there, Clark decided he had no choice but to live-tweet the event. Because this is 2015 and that's just what people do. 

Clark swayed from incredulous: 

To envious: 

To incredulous again:

With nearly 40 Bachelor-related tweets during the two hour show, not everyone was a fan. Like teammate Kyle Lohse: 

Of course, this isn't a new thing for ballplayers. After all, former Brewers prospect Josh Murray was on the show last summer and former Brewer John Axford famously live-tweeted the show during the College Football Championship.

It's time to just admit it: we're all watching The Bachelor.