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Foul ball lands in fan's beer, fan happily drinks it: Part IV

Yet another foul ball landed in a fan's beer

In what is easily the greatest baseball trend since Nelson Cruz decided to never, ever stop hitting home runs, fans across the country have decided to forget about that whole "glove" thing and just start catching souvenirs in their beer. First came this impressive snag Saturday at Wrigley, which in turn set off a downright ridiculous chain reaction at ballparks from Toronto to San Francisco. 

Well, America, Seattle sees your challenge, and they'll raise you one better. Presenting the Beer Cup Bank Shot:

Mariners beer GIF

Why yes, that is a foul ball falling through someone's hat and miraculously bouncing into a beer cup on the ground. Sealing the deal, though, is the reaction, which is roughly akin to having won five lotteries simultaneously.

The fans at Safeco have fired the next shot in the Great Beer Catch War, but we hope it won't be the last. 

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