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Four skills Johnny Damon will bring to his 'Celebrity Apprentice' appearance

Johnny Damon to appear on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Johnny Damon will reportedly appear on the 14th edition of Celebrity Apprentice in January 2015. What can a former outfielder with fantastic facial hair bring to a show that's featured such business-minded celebrities as Gary Busey?

Let's take a look.


On numerous occasions, Apprentice projects will require contestants to run around New York City -- whether that's delivering pizzas or jettisoning the boardroom before The Donald can utter those two magical words. Damon had 408 career steals. He also swiped nearly 80 percent of the bases he attempted to swipe. He knows how and when to use his wheels/athleticism for his team's advantage.


Everyone, including The Donald, knows that fashion is a crucial component to attracting clients and sealing business deals. Damon is one of the more fashion-conscious players to ever play in the bigs. He can pull off everything from ultra-casual: 


to dress-to-impress formal:


Team player

Damon played on seven separate teams during his 18-year career. He's used to thriving in new situations, working with different personalities and causing little controversy. Also, if you're ever feeling blue and in need of a hug, he'll be there for you.



Two World Series rings, 2,769 hits, 235 home runs, two All-Star appearances ... What exactly does all that mean for The Apprentice? It means Damon knows how to win, he knows how to work hard and he knows how to be a star in his profession (particularly if the projects are baseball-oriented). Johnny Damon ain't no Idiot.

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