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Four-time Gold Glove Award-winning catcher Mike Matheny catches at Cardinals Spring Training

Mike Matheny catches at Cardinals Spring Training

It has been roughly nine years since Mike Matheny was a professional catcher in MLB. He's been busy serving, among other things, as manager of the Cardinals.

But he was a catcher for 13 seasons -- including five in St. Louis. He was pretty good at it, too, collecting four Gold Glove Awards during his time in MLB. And if anyone out there thinks Matheny's lost a step since 2006, he proved the doubters wrong in Spring Training this week:


That's the 44-year-old Matheny catching 20-year-old Cards pitching prospect Alex Reyes. He's doing a bang-up job, too.

"Best seat in the house is up-close-and-personal behind the plate," Matheny said, explaining why he donned the mask.

Matheny seems to be quite the fan of catching every now and again. Or maybe he just wants to keep Yadier Molina hustling.

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