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Jeff Francoeur shows off his quick-draw skills to throw out tying run at the plate

Francoeur throws out game-tying run at the plate

"Justified" may have ended, but if you're still dying to watch some Old West-style quick draws, then all you have to do is put on a Phillies game. Because manning right field with Raylan Givens-esque intensity is Jeff Francoeur and his explosive right arm. And just like Dewey Crowe, the Pirates found themselves on the wrong side of his law on Wednesday night. 

Trailing 3-2 in the top of the ninth, the Pirates had a runner at third with one out when Jordy Mercer hit a fly ball down the first base line. After Francoeur gloved the ball, Steve Lombardozzi took off for home. But just like you don't duel with Raylan, you don't run on Frenchy. 


Francoeur's throw wasn't just the latest in a career filled with great tosses, it also preserved Jonathan Papelbon's Phillies-record 113th save. It's fittingly summed by Raylan Givens very last line of the series, which he said as he winked at the camera: "Boy oh boy, everything wrapped up nicely, didn't it?*" 

(Note: I have not yet finished the show.) 

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