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Garth Brooks lived out his baseball dreams with a Cardinals jersey during St. Louis concert

Garth Brooks wore a personalized Cardinals jersey

We all had crazy dreams while growing up. We wanted to be professional baseball players, or music superstars, or, perhaps for some, inanimate objects. (Kids are weird.) 

No matter how successful you may have ended up though, if you failed at one of your absurd dreams, you'll probably always feel an emptiness at the pit of your stomach. 

Enter Garth Brooks. Despite selling over 69 millions copies of his records and with fans filling his concerts around the world, he still wants to play baseball. 

The country singer has attended Spring Training with the Mets, Padres and Royals and this past September took batting practice with the White Sox:

With Brooks in St. Louis for a concert on Friday night, the Cardinals made sure to have a jersey on hand for him: 

Hey, Garth Brooks... We have something for you. Welcome back to St. Louis! #STLCards #GarthBrooks

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Sure enough, when gifted with the garment, he and Trisha Yearwood took to wearing the jerseys on stage.  

Trisha Yearwood Cardinals

If the two are anything like me, they immediately stopped thinking of the concert they were in the middle of and started pretending they were at the plate with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. 

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