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Geovany Soto breaks a car windshield with a monster home run over the Green Monster

Soto breaks car windshield with HR over Green Monster

There are lots of ways to measure home runs: length, height, launch angle, exit velocity, quantity ... the list goes on. But the surest way to tell if a home run is a full-on monster dinger is to figure out whether or not it left the stadium and broke the windshield of a car parked outside.

The Battle of the Sox was going down at Fenway Park and White Sox catcher Geovany Soto had himself a day. In addition to drawing three walks on the night, Soto hit an RBI double and launched a seventh-inning pitch way up over the Green Monster and into the windshield of an unsuspecting car below:


As if watching the Red Sox lose 9-4 at Fenway wasn't bad enough, someone's gonna have to file an insurance claim tonight. Rough day.

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