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Get excited: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is MLB's No. 2 international prospect

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is MLB's No. 2 int. prospect

UPDATE (07/02/14): It might not be too long before a Vladimir Guerrero is once again suiting up in the Majors. On Thursday, Vlad Jr. signed with the Blue Jays:

05/05/15: We'll just say it: We miss Vladimir Guerrero. We miss his swing in the batter's box, we miss his trebuchet arm in the outfield and we miss seeing his name in starting lineups on a regular basis. Thankfully, this year's list of MLB's top international prospects brings a familiar name: Vladimir Guerrero ...


As's Jesse Sanchez reports, Guerrero Jr. -- Vladdy's son -- is the No. 2-ranked prospect behind only Jhailyn Ortiz, and according to scouts, Guerrero might be the best hitter of the bunch. But really, it comes down to a mere seven words:

"He reminds some scouts of his father."

We. Are. In.

We know the 16-year-old can crush baseballs and, just like his father, "Vlad Jr. has shown the ability to hit a pitch almost anywhere it is thrown."


And though he might not stick to the outfield, it's good to see a Guerrero out there in action:


Bonus: Vlad Jr. isn't even the only Guerrero on this year's international prospects list: Vladimir Sr.'s nephew, Gregory Guerrero, ranks 14th. And if you're looking for more MLB lineage, Fernando Tatis Jr. is 25th overall. Both signed big-league deals on Thursday as well -- Gregory Guerrero with the Mets: 

And Tatis Jr. with the White Sox: 

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