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Get ready for summer with Brad Ausmus' glistening abs in a swimsuit

Get ready for summer with Ausmus' glistening abs

We all knew that Brad Ausmus was an attractive man. Among managers, he may even set the standard for male beauty -- ranking first in Craig Calcaterra's manager attractiveness rankings two years in a row

But did you know that in addition to having a sharp jaw line, a perfect head of hair and a smile that tells you, "I'll be your crying shoulder," Ausmus was also ripped? Like super ripped? It's true. 

Shockingly enough, the photo was taken for a Houston Chronicle fitness magazine in 2008 -- not at the beginning of Ausmus' career. Which makes it even more shocking because that's not how a veteran catcher is supposed to look! They're supposed to be thick and chunky, built more like a truck than a high performance sports car. 

Until we get out Major League manager swimsuit calendar though, we'll just have to make do with this: