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Giancarlo Stanton does his thing: Hits a line drive blast AND massive dinger in one game

Stanton hits a line-drive blast and massive dinger

Giancarlo Stanton is strong. He's the kind of strong that shouldn't exist in nature, his rippling muscles and brute strength more like something that you'd need CGI and studio trickery to convince people of in the movie theatre. 

But, assuming our reality is not some computer simulation gone awry, Stanton is real. And fortunately, Stanton uses his strength for good: Namely, in entertaining us with his massive home runs. 

Coming to bat in the third inning of Saturday's 9-5 win against the Mets, Stanton took one of his mighty swings against Jonathon Niese and drove what would have been a liner to the right-center gap off the bat of a mere mortal. But this was not a mortal. So the ball kept carrying, defying gravity and the laws of nature on its way.

It's the type of home run that only Stanton hits: Seemingly benign fly balls that just never come crashing to earth. 


Even Stanton didn't think it was gone off the bat. Said the slugger after the game

"I didn't see him too well the first AB. He brought the cutter in before that. I swung over that and fouled it off. I wanted to see something I could drive, get the barrel to it, and be on time. I didn't think that was gone off the bat. I lost the trajectory a little bit."

In fact, Stanton's last home run against the Pirates on Monday was the kind of inside-out swing that would normally see the ball float into the right fielder's glove. His just kept carrying: 

In the ninth inning on Saturday though, Stanton wanted to remind people that his home runs can also be the stuff of legend. And so he smashed this Statcast™-tracked 455-foot shot deep over the wall. 


The only thing Stanton can do now is become the first player to homer on a ground ball. I don't doubt that he could do it, though. 

(Additional reporting by Joe Frisaro /

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