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Mystery solved: Woman spotted in Giants dugout wasn't an intruder after all

Giants dugout intruder has media credentials

When Wednesday night's Wild Card game was still scoreless in the second inning, cameras landed on a curious image. It appeared that a woman in a Pirates jersey had wandered into the Giants dugout, catching a security guard very much by surprise:  


Was she a fan who had taken a very wrong turn on the way to her seat? A courier for Hunter Pence sign-o-grams

As it turns out, she had a credential for access behind the scenes (just not The Dugout) and was simply trying to relay a message to a media representative in the nearby photographers' well. 

In a game that became a blowout, won 8-0 by the visitors from San Francisco, the moment sparked understandable, slow-news-night chatter. And not just because of the fish-out-of-water angle, but because of the security guard's priceless expression (the juxtaposition of the popular Hunter Pence in the foreground helped).

Nothing to see here, folks, unless you count the kind of important baseball game happening on the field. 

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