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Let this Giants superfan blow your mind and soothe your soul with his crazy cowbell skills

Giants fan busts out cowbell dance between innings

The unexpected is what makes baseball so compelling. Every game, every inning, every pitch features an almost endless number of variables. One day you might witness a four-home-run game, the next may feature 12 scoreless innings, the next an all-time comeback. And if you happened to be in attendance at Saturday's D-backs-Giants game, you might have even been treated to some ridiculously enthusiastic cowbell from a man wearing a championship belt. 

Wait, wha--

Giants cowbell

After some careful scientific investigation, we've come up with the following formula to explain this phenomenon: one part Chris Jericho, two parts Chuckie Finster's wardrobe, a dash of Ratt frontman, a pinch of Back to the Future eyewear and a whole helping of Will Ferrell

Say what you will about this brave man, but he certainly does not Fear the Reaper. (We'll show ourselves out.)

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