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Giants unveil new black alternate jersey at FanFest

Giants unveil new black alternate jersey

Jerry Seinfeld has famously said that cheering for a team is like rooting for laundry.

Rooting for Laundry from Melel Media on Vimeo.

Well, Giants fans, your team has brand new laundry for you to cheer. Unveiled at Friday's media day, the team offered up a black a version of the 1980s throwback with the interlocking SF that they brought back in 2012:

The new alternates, which will be worn on select home games, are one of five the team will be wearing in 2015. Check out Joe Panik modeling all of them below. Sadly, he isn't wearing them all at once.

But with the Giants running out of options from their past, they may need to get a little more creative in the future.I mean, surely the Giants can top the Brooklyn Cyclones' Saved by the Bell unis, right?

In the spirit of giving, here are four bonafide smash hit ideas:

1. World's Champions

Following their third World Series championship since 2010, I don't think anyone would have begrudged them if they donned the 1906 New York Giants' World's Champions throwbacks. And if other teams were offended, the Giants could just tell them: Win a World Series and you can wear whatever you want.


2. Praise the GM

Sure, Billy Beane may be lauded for his shrewd wheeling and dealing on a limited budget over in Oakland, but with three titles in five years, there's only one king in the Bay Area. Show that off with the Brian Sabean face jersey. 


I mean, is this any weirder than these from last year?  

3. Mo' hair Suit

The team could take a different tactic and walk out onto the field in the Hunter Pence hair uniforms. Really, there's very little difference between these and a mink coat other than having Giants splashed across the front.

Mo' hair

4. The Wild National League West

In honor of Madison Bumgarner's 0.43 ERA in the World Series, for one very special game, why not come out wearing Bumgarner's chosen offseason attire? Which, based on the fact that he gifted his then-fiance a cow, is probably the same thing that an extra in a John Wayne film would wear:



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