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You know, just Lorenzo Cain making another incredible diving catch

During Saturday night's ALCS Game 2, J.J. Hardy hit a long fly ball that looked sure to drop, but for the fact that Lorenzo Cain seems constitutionally incapable of letting anything fall to earth anywhere near him:


Actually, we should probably capitalize that "c", because this is how the U.S. Constitution actually starts:

Lorenzo Cain of the Kansas City Royals, in order to form a more perfect outfield, establish an excellent UZR, insure the pitcher's tranquility, provide for extraordinary defense, promote postseason welfare and secure the blessings of World Series hope for Kansas City and its posterity, does ordain to catch any baseball hit his way.

Getting his team safely out of a bases loaded seventh inning, score knotted at 4-4? No problem:


Don't thank him -- he's just doing his job for America: