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Lorenzo Cain taught a master class in outfield defense during the fifth inning of ALDS Game 3

We already had evidence from earlier this season that Lorenzo Cain can fly. And now it appears the Royals center fielder is equipped with sophisticated sensors that make it impossible for him to let a ball drop into whichever area of the outfield he is patrolling. That's the only way to explain his incredible back-to-back catches in the top of the fifth of Sunday's ALDS Game 3:


Kansas City led 7-2, but the Angels were threatening with runners on second and third. Cain's first catch nipped that in the bud. His second crushed any hope that might have been lingering in LA, and the Royals went on to win the game and sweep the series

Cain is a one-man force field sent here to defend us from flying projectiles everywhere, and James Shields salutes him: