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Here are 6 moments celebrating the people who help bring you baseball

Baseball is awesome. We all know that. But where would we be without the people who help bring us baseball -- the broadcasters, the networks, the Craig Sagers?

Let's take a moment, on this postseason off-day, to celebrate those people and give them a moment in the sun:

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver


Aren't these two adorable together? They have an undeniable and unique sort of chemistry. They're like family you've known forever, baseball without them just isn't the same. I mean, look at this high-five! Aww!


Ken Rosenthal


Bow ties! Rosenthal's giving you all the info you need from the sidelines and making sure you stay on the pulse of what's happening. And he's doing it all while looking like the classiest gentleman in the stadium.


Craig Sager


Sager may not be working baseball at the moment, but we still need to showcase his incredible sartorial spirit. This is a man who clearly loves his clothes. His style is exhuberant, thrilling and playful. Thank you Craig Sager, for being as colorful as our game.