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GIF breakdown: Red Sox fan makes awesome, leaping grab

Look at that amazing GIF. As GIF wunderkind Jon Bois says, all the best GIFs have layers, and boy does this one have some tremendous layers. It's like a Twix bar. Let's take a page from his book and dive in:

Fan Catch

First, you've got the zoom. One of my all-time favorite GIFs has a zoom, and I like to this of this as an homage to that GIF. Like, GIF Quentin Tarantino directed it.

Secondly, you've got the dude in the blue-grey (or is it grey-blue?) button-down weirdly thinking he has a chance to catch the ball long after the protagonist makes the grab. His face, also, is priceless. "FGAHHH!!!!"

Third, check out my guy in navy. His mind is BLOWN.

Finally, what a catch. Dude comes out of nowhere and quickly returns there after snatching the ball out of the sky like a ninja. A WICKED AHHHSOME ninja.

-- Dakota Gardner /

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