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Here are the American League BBWAA Awards finalists for 2014

Here are the American League BBWAA Awards finalists

Every fall, the group known as the Baseball Writers Association of America gathers in a cavern to sip pumpkin spice lattes and discuss the season that was (this scenario is true until proven false). When they emerge, we are presented with contenders for the best players in baseball. So, without further ado, here are your American League BBWAA Awards finalists for 2014: 

Rookie of the Year

Matt Shoemaker, SP, Angels

The Angels righty finished the year with a 16-4 record and a 3.04 ERA in 27 games. Now, watch him strike out NL MVP nominee Giancarlo Stanton:


Please note: He is, at the very least, clearly the winner of AL Rookie Beard of the Year. 

Dellin Betances, RP, Yankees

In his rookie season, Betances led all major league relievers in strikeouts, with 135 in 90 innings. He also broke the franchise record for most Ks in single season, set by a guy who has a little history with the club:

You can't even look at his pitches without getting dirty:


Jose Abreu, 1B, White Sox 

He hit .317/.383/.581 in his rookie season. He can think on his feet, but he also knows that sometimes the best course is to literally destroy a baseball (and everything in that baseball's path). He's Jose Abreu and nothing stands in his way:


Cy Young Award

Felix Hernandez, Mariners

Winner of the Cy Young in 2010, King Felix is looking for a repeat. Possibly a baseball robot created to eradicate hitting from the earth, he led the league with a 2.14 ERA and struck out 248 in 236 innings.

If Felix pitches to you, you might as well just throw your bat away:  


Chris Sale, White Sox

Sale was just a hair away from claiming the ERA title, clocking in at 2.17, just behind Felix Hernandez. He went 12-4 and can actually hypnotize you with his pitches:


Corey Kluber, Indians

Before the All-Star break, Kluber's ERA was 3.01. After, it was a minuscule 1.73. You might think that would excite him, but Kluber's facial expressions show barely any motion. What about his curveballs? 


Most Valuable Player

Michael Brantley, OF, Indians

Brantley ended his season with a .327 batting average, good for third best in the AL, and stole at least as many bases as he hit home runs (23 and 20, respectively). Plus, it seems like he can manipulate the flow of time with long balls: 


Mike Trout, OF, Angels

Mike Trout led the AL with 115 runs, and hit .287/.377/.561 this year, leading both leagues in WAR. He's great at giving gifts and making the kinds of plays you wish you could tattoo on the insides of your eyelids:


Victor Martinez, DH, Tigers

Thirty-five-year-old Victor Martinez turned in a career season, hitting .335/.409/.565, leading the league in on-base percentage and OPS and finishing second only to Jose Altuve in batting average. He hit 32 home runs -- only ten fewer than the number of strikeouts he recorded: 


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