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Kenley Jansen broke physics with a 98 mph ... cutter?!

Kenley Jansen broke physics with a 98 mph cutter?!

Listen, I may not have ever taken a physics course. And I may have attended a college whose math requirement was essentially a viewing of Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land. But I've been around long enough to know a few things. 

Like how a 98 mph cutter that moves more like a slider is not supposed to be possible. And yet here we are. Here's Kenley Jansen striking out Collin Cowgill to end the top of the 9th on Tuesday night. 

Kenley Jansen

No word on if this pitch created a wormhole at Chavez Ravine that sucked the players through time and space, forcing them to play a ballgame against an advanced race of aliens in order to be returned to their dimension of origin.

Remarkably, this was the sixth time this season that Jansen threw a cutter faster than 98 mph. Can you guess what the results were every single time? 

That's right, they were all swinging strikeouts. 

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