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Daniel Bryan's 'YES!' chant has spread to the Pirates' dugout

The Pirates and Reds grappled in an absolute homerfest Monday in Cincinnati, launching an absurdly entertaining 10 long balls before rain halted the game after six innings. A half-dozen of those long balls came courtesy of Pittsburgh batters, leading the Bucs to adopt a new team celebration. 

After years of the Dude, Where's My Car-inspired Zoltan, the Pirates unveiled their homage to Daniel Bryan's "YES! YES! YES!" chant following Neil Walker's second home run of the evening. 

Pirates YES chant

Of course, this isn't the first time that we've seen that particular chant this season. If you'll recall, a group of shirtless fellows willed the Pirates to victory during their 16-inning ballgame against the Cubs on April 2nd. 

Shirtless Pirates fans

Hopefully this is just the start of wrestling-inspired rally cries. I personally can't wait for the Hulk Hogan-style jersey ripping that's sure to come. 

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