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Orbit dances to 'Bye Bye Bye', draws out the N'Sync in all of us

Orbit, Logan Morrison dance to N'Sync during warmups

Don't try to hide it -- You know every move to 'N'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye." You've tried to forget them over the years, but like, like the knowledge of how to ride a bike, all of the lyrics to the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and everything else you learned in the '90s, they're permanently embedded in your brain,

But even if you do pretend you've never heard of Lance Bass or Justin Timberlake, Orbit will draw you out. Before Sunday's Mariners-Astros game, the mascot broke out his own VMA-worthy moves:


And Seattle's Logan Morrison was so impressed that all the mental walls he'd built to contain his love for N'Sync spontaneously collapsed as he joined Orbit in dance:


If there's any doubt that Orbit deserves a place in the Mascot MVP (MVM?) conversation, this should completely erase it. 

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