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2014 Fan Catch Hall of Fame: The Class of July

Best fan catches of July

Each month, the Cut4 staff nominates a few worthy fan snares for enshrinement in the Fan Catch Hall of Fame. Those catches are then judged on four criteria: degree of difficulty, artistry, use of props (if applicable) and post-catch flair. The scores are averaged together, with the resulting final tally used to rank catches throughout the season. Click here for the Class of AprilClass of May and Class of June.

It's been a pretty great year for fan catches in MLB, and our Class of July for the Fan Catch Hall of Fame is just as strong as its predecssors. You'll recall that our highest scoring catch this year is Nonchalant Dad, inducted with a score of 8.4 just last month:


Will any of our newcomers score highly enough to overtake the top spot? Let's find out:

07/08/14 -- Astros at Rangers


What we said then:

"Be not afraid of greatness," [Shakespeare] writes. "Some achieve greatness," (Barehanded greatness! Left-handed greatness!):

What we say now:

This is the catch of the month by almost any measure. It scored the highest in both degree of difficulty and artistry of any of this month's catches, and absolutely passes the eye test for being atop the July rankings. To make such an incredible left-handed catch, barehanded no less, earned him a comfortable spot in the FCHoF.

Unfortunately, the lack of truly elite post-catch flair kept him from claiming the top spot on the annual rankings. Maybe Agile Rangers Fan isn't an inner-circle Hall of Famer, but he certainly belongs in the conversation.

Final score:



07/12/14 -- Braves at Cubs


What we said then:

If you look closely, you'll see the fan swap out the ball for another one in his pocket before launching it toward the diamond. Very, very sneaky.

What we say now:

At Wrigley Field, there's a tremendous amount of pressure to throw back home run balls hit by visiting teams, so if a fan wants to take one home with him, he has to get creative.

And if you want to know the exact moment this fan catch went from ordinary to Hall of Fame-worthy, check out the fan's brilliant of sleight-of-hand. That clever bit of trickery gave this catch a very high score in use of props -- a tally that propelled it toward a solid 6.8 overall rating.

Final score:



07/10/14 -- White Sox at Red Sox


What we said then:

You know what's worse than dropping a foul ball? Dropping a foul ball and having it fall right into somebody else's hands.

What we say now:

There's not a lot that's truly difficult about this fan's catch, and his artistry and flair are both only pedestrian. What makes this particular grab worthy of enshrinement in the Hall of Fame is none of those things, but rather the failure of the first fan to attempt to reel this particular foul ball in.

As you can see, his girlfriend was not particularly impressed:


Luckily for the fan who made the catch, the other fan counted as a prop for our voters, giving him a boost into the FCHoF. Unluckily, it wasn't enough ot a boost to give him a particularly dazzling score.

Final score:


Unfortunately, none of this month's catches were deemed worthy to unseat Nonchalant Dad as our top-ranked grab. Check back in September to see which new snares made the cut, and click here to see the full 2014 Fan Catch Hall of Fame rankings.

If you'd like to nominate a catch for enshrinement in the FCHoF, tweet us at @Cut4 and let us know.

And remember:

If you find yourself at the ballpark, with a foul tip coming right toward you, keep your eye on the ball. Immortality awaits.