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Take a look back at Dallas Keuchel's AL Cy Young-winning season with some awesome GIFs

All the GIFs from Keuchel's Cy Young-winning season

This time last year, you might not have known much about Dallas Keuchel. You heard that he put together a solid 2014 season for the Astros, perhaps, or sensed the life force emanating from his remarkable beard. 

12 months later, after taking his team to the playoffs and convincing half of Houston to purchase fake facial hair, he's the AL Cy Young Award winner. Rays pitcher and Keuchel's former college roommate Drew Smyly was even there to celebrate:

Keuchel reaction

It was a wild ride, and we've got the very best GIFs to prove it.

When he threw his first shutout

Keuchel didn't waste any time announcing himself as one of the very best starters in baseball. Back on May 30, he dominated the White Sox, firing a shutout while striking out 11.

Keuchel K

That time he was basically unstoppable at home

Keuchel was awesome this year no matter where he pitched, but in the friendly confines of Minute Maid Park, he morphed from "All-Star" to "unstoppable fire-breathing dragon": His ERA dropped to 1.46 in front of the home crowd. Oh, and did we mention he never lost a game

Keuchel K

Blanking the Yankees in front of thousands of Mini-Keuchels

Keuchel's other shutout in 2015 came on June 25 against the Yankees, when the lefty struck out 12 in a 4-0 win. What could possibly inspire that sort of dominance? Lots of beards, of course:

Astros beards

When he started the All-Star Game

Short of, well, winning a Cy Young, there's no higher honor for a pitcher than getting to start the All-Star Game. Even cooler than that, though? Striking out Joc Pederson while starting the All-Star Game:

Keuchel K

He caught the first pitch from James Harden

Much as real recognize real, beard recognize beard. So when prominent Houstonian James Harden was invited to throw out the first pitch before an Astros home game, only Keuchel could be the one to catch it:

He made his postseason debut at Yankee Stadium and was lights out

Faced with the prospect of a win-or-go-home Wild Card Game at Yankee Stadium, most pitchers would probably be pretty nervous. Keuchel? How does six shutout innings and a win sound:

Keuchel line

No wonder he had David Price's Cy Young vote.

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