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Remembering No. 19, Tony Gwynn, with 19 of his best career highlights

Baseball lost one of its best when Tony Gwynn passed away on Monday morning at the age of 54. 

Gwynn hit anything and everything. From the start of his career: 

Tony Gwynn swing

Until the end of it, finishing with eight batting titles, 15 All-Star Game appearances and 3,141 hits. 

Gwynn 3,000

 His ability to make contact on any pitch was truly remarkable. Despite averaging over 500 plate appearances a season, Gwynn never struck out more than 40 times. Against Greg Maddux, Gwynn hit .415/.476/.521 with zero strikeouts in 107 plate appearances. 

Gwynn swing

Gwynn was a tireless worker who studied hitting the way an academic would, popularizing the use of video and leading to his nickname "Captain Video."

Batting Cage

Captain Video

Gwynn also picked up seven Silver Slugger awards, even though he never topped 17 home runs in a season: 

Gwynn Silver Slugger

Not that he couldn't knock 'em out, though, as seen here during the 1998 World Series in which he hit .500/.529/.688:

Tony Gwynn World Series homer

Gwynn's career average of .338 is also the highest since Ted Williams retired in 1960, creating a unique bond between two of the greatest hitters of the last 75 years: 

Tony Gwynn and Ted Williams

You can hear the two of them talk about hitting from the 1997 All-Star Game including Williams telling Gwynn, "I'm so glad that you're such a nice guy." 

But Gwynn wasn't just an expert batter. He was a burner early in his career, hitting 85 triples and stealing 319 bases including a career-high 56 in 1987.

Gwynn scores again

And he was no slouch with the leather, collecting five Gold Gloves: 

Tony Gwynn catch

Tony Gwynn sliding catch

The man called Mr. Padre was as widely known for his performance on the field as for his friendliness off of it, a smile forever upon his face: 

Gwynn last day

Tony Gwynn hug

Tony Gwynn hug 2

After he retired, he was immortalized with induction into Cooperstown in 2007, receiving 98 of the vote.

Gwynn HOF call

Gwynn HOF

Tony Gwynn HOF

Goodbye, Mr. Padre. We'll miss you. 

Tony Gwynn waves

Tony Gwynn we'll miss you