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Gio Gonzalez nabs Kris Bryant at first base by ... rolling there

Kris Bryant is pretty good at reaching base -- his .382 on-base percentage is fourth among rookies this season (and that's counting Joey Gallo's blazing start). So when the Cubs third baseman smacked a pitch in between first and second, drawing Ryan Zimmerman off of the bag, Gio Gonzalez knew he'd have to hustle to cover.

He decided not to race Bryant to first the traditional way -- on his feet -- and instead chose to, well, roll there.


OK, so maybe reeling in Zimmerman's throw made Gonzalez tumble and roll. But had he not rolled, Gonzalez may not have gotten Bryant out. Bryant beat Gio to the vicinity of the bag, but his foot missed the actual base. 


It looks as if Bryant shifted his step ever so slightly to the right -- the sort of thing that happens when a 6-foot, 210-pound man is rolling in your direction. Gio caught the base on his roll, and Bryant was out.

Who knows what would've happened had Gonzalez been on his feet? Rolling was clearly the better option. Good thinking, Gio.