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GQ recently did an MLB player photoshoot and Barry Zito won

Slim is in for 2013 and several new lines of skinny, street-styled baseball jackets will soon be available in stores. Naturally, GQ celebrated with a photoshoot that included Barry Zito, Brandon Phillips, Buster Posey, Chase Headley, Andre Ethier and Jake Peavy.

A few key points taken from their slideshow:

You will never look as good as Barry Zito does in this jacket:


You might be able to wear the jacket like Brandon Phillips, but your smile will never compare:


Jake Peavy has three friends, and they're all baseballs:


Buster Posey sometimes takes to the batting cage in Capri sweatpants:


And finally, "There hasn't been much worth borrowing, stylewise, from America's pastime."

Oh, really GQ? Maybe that would be true if baseball caps never entered the American style mainstream. And if this wasn't a pinnacle of worldwide fashion history:


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