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Grainy, unconfirmed, yet increasingly convincing reports are emerging that Tim Lincecum now has short hair

It started with a tweet from Seattle hairstylist Jake Gravbrot.

Lincecum, a former Washington Husky, does indeed live in Seattle in the offseason, so at least that part of the story makes sense so far. Gravbrot's claim, however, did not meet the "pics or it didn't happen" standard. It wasn't until Twitter user Blondie tweeted the following picture, of unclear origin, to CSN Bay Area's Andrew Baggarly, that speculation began swirling. The image purported to show a Lincecum with a look that was less Loki and more Rivers Cuomo.

Still, that picture is grainier than Robert Rines' Loch Ness Monster shot. Is that really Lincecum, or just a grouping of bubbles? On Wednesday night, however, Blondie tweeted another, much clearer photo.

There's no confirmation yet from the man himself, but it's looking more and more like the Freak's signature mane is history (for now at least). While he won both of his Cy Youngs with the lengthy look, this will not be the first time Lincecum has gone short.

The biggest question now is, will Tim wear those glasses on the mound?

-- Dan Wohl /

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