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Hall of a day: Some fairly average players were born on Jan. 31

Not only were such vaunted ballplayers as Pinky Hargrave, Stuffy Stewart, Steamboat Williams and Goat Cochran (yes, those are real people) born on January 31, but so were a trio of Hall of Famers you may have heard of.

Ernie Banks, who turned 81 on Tuesday, is a two-time MVP, smacked 512 home runs and earned the nickname "Mr. Cub" for his exploits at Wrigley Field. And ohhh, that baritone.

Celebrating a cool 65 years is Nolan Ryan, who you may recognize as the old guy with the icy stare at Rangers games and once did this to Robin Ventura. Oh, and there's something about a Major League-record seven no-hitters. And yeah, he owns an MLB team.

And then there's Jackie Robinson. He's kind of a big deal.

Is this the best day for birthdays in MLB? What about sports?