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On HOF ballot day, let's remember Greg Maddux's home plate dance moves

The 2014 Hall of Fame ballot will be announced by the BBWAA on Tuesday, and Greg Maddux is eligible for the first time. Maddux had an incredible 23 seasons in the Majors -- 355 wins, four Cy Youngs (in a row), an MLB-record 18 Gold Gloves and a World Series ring with the Braves in 1995. He was also serviceable with the bat and could swipe a bag or two.

We're pretty sure Maddux will end up on the ballot based on the above accomplishments, but if not, he should receive a unanimous selection based on these home-plate dance moves he pulled off more than 20 years ago:

Maddux, dance

We can only dream of being as cool as you, Mad Dog.

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