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Here are some things Rougned Odor should try to do now that he's 21

Here's what Rougned Odor should do now that he's 21

Nineteen Ninety-four was a great birth year for people who want to make the rest of us feel bad about our accomplishments. People born in '94 include Harry Styles, Dakota Fanning and Justin Bieber (who I guess just makes us feel bad full stop). Rangers infielder Rougned Odor turns 21 today, and he's already played 114 Major League games and mastered the alchemical secret of turning a strikeout into a triple.

But even though Odor's already making a big league name for himself, there are some things he hasn't yet checked off his life goals list. Now that he's 21, the world is open to him, and he should follow in the footsteps of these other great 21-year-olds.

1. Release an album

Adele did it when she turned 21 and she won at least as many Grammys for it, right? Other MLB stars have made their mark on the world of music and there's no reason Odor shouldn't start now.

2. Join the UK's Pony Club

According its website, the Pony Club "give[s] instruction in riding and horsemastership." Everyone wants to be a horse-master, but only people under 25 are allowed. Yes, the Pony Club doesn't allow members past a quarter-century, so Odor should join sometime in the next four years.

3. Start a social media platform

David Karp started Tumblr when he was 21 and Steve Jobs co-founded Apple. Surely Odor still has some time in the offseason to get the next big technology trend going.

4. Write a novel

"Frankenstein" was published when Mary Shelley was 21, which means Odor's got the next year to write his own horror novel/commentary on modern science. Maybe it could feature a hero whose only weakness is having his head touched? They say you should write what you know. 

Happy birthday, Rougned. Hope to see you at the Oscars next year (someone has to be the new youngest winner, right?) 

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