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Happy birthday, James Shields and David Wright. Sorry it's so close to the holidays.

Let's not forget Shields' and Wright's birthday today

The trouble with having a birthday in late December is that there are these things called "holidays" which tend to preoccupy everyone else who isn't celebrating a birthday. We're pretty sure that applies even if you're a MLB All-Star, like David Wright and James Shields, who turned 32 and 33, respectively, on Saturday.

Not that any of your friends, family, or loved ones would intentionally forget your birthday, of course -- it's just that, you know, the end of December can be a hectic time for people and gift giving and all that jazz. So it might slip there mind. You can't hold it against them, but that doesn't mean they should forget your birthday. And there's the dreaded "combined presents" thing you have to worry about.

But at least for Wright and James, they have their teams …

… and former teammates looking out for them.

So we'd like to take the time now to give a big H.B. to both Big Game and Captain America. We didn't forget you guys. Even if we have some last-minute gift shopping to do, we're thinking 'bout you today. 

And hey -- you guys are both post-30, at least, so things like this are already behind you:

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