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Hawk Harrelson says TWTW (The Will to Win) is more important than sabermetrics

"It got a lot of people fired because it didn't work."

Hawk Harrelson isn't a fan of sabermetrics and on Thursday, the White Sox broadcaster appeared on MLB Network's "MLB Now" to defend his stance against stats aficionado Brian Kenny.

"It's the most overrated thing in baseball," Harrelson said. "Maybe in 40-50 years it'll be ready. When TWTW comes along, then I'll approve."

TWTW -- The Will to Win - is a metric Harrelson came up with on his own. Although Kenny disagreed with Hawk's assumption that the desire to be great is the most important ingredient for success, citing the 2002 A's, 2004 Red Sox, and his own boxing career as examples, TWTW is gaining steam among the South Siders. Alex Rios has tweeted about it and the U.S. Cellular Field's video board often reads "TWTW" during batting practice.

"The guys are using it as a bit of a rallying cry," White Sox Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Brooks Boyer said. "Hopefully it gets them going."

Within a few hours of the MLB Network debate, "TWTW" shirts had been printed and one package shipped directly to Brian Kenny at MLB Network.