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Hear Vin Scully call Hank Aaron's record breaking home run from 41 years ago

Forty-one years ago, on April 8, 1974, Hank Aaron stepped to the plate in the bottom of the fourth inning with the Braves trailing the Dodgers, 3-1. Facing Al Downing, Aaron swung on a 1-0 "sinker that didn't sink," and launched it over the left-field wall. The blast tied the game and vaulted Aaron past Babe Ruth and into sole possession of baseball's all-time home run record. 

But why bother reading about it when you can listen to Vin Scully, the man everyone wishes was their grandfather, call it in the video below:

Aaron's home run wasn't just the culmination of 20 years of exceptional performance, including an astonishing eight 40 home run seasons. It was also a shot against the racism and rancor of the time.

That rancor made it even more surprising when Aaron was met during his trip around the bases by two enthusiastic fans who wanted to celebrate the moment with him. Aaron was as gracious as ever, and when he was reunited with the duo in 2010, he enjoyed the chance to reminisce with his supporting cast from that iconic moment:

"It's wonderful to see them," Aaron said before the Atlanta Braves opened a series against the Florida Marlins. "I often get asked, 'Whatever happened to those two guys?' It's nice to see them once again and know they're doing fine, doing well."

Decades later, Aaron is no longer MLB's career leader in home runs (though he still holds the all-time RBI and total bases records), but his 715th long ball stands out as a crowning moment in baseball history. Here's to you, Hank. 

Hank Aaron's 715th

This story was originally published on April 8, 2014, and has been updated.