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Here are the 10 best dancing, rapping, behind-the-scenes moments from Salvador Perez's Instagram

Salvador Perez's 10 best Instagram posts

Salvador Perez has this catching thing down pretty well. He's an All-Star, pennant-winning backstop who set the record for most innings caught in a season (and that was before heading to Japan for the All-Star series). But if there's one thing that Perez may be even better at, it's Instagram.

Like a tamer version of Jake Gyllenhaal's character in "Nightcrawler," Perez's phone is always rolling -- and we're all the better for it. But don't take our word for it - on Sunday night, he beat out Adam Jones, Mike Trout and the rest of Instagram to win an MLB Network Social Media Award: 

Here are his top 10 'Grams of 2014: 

10. Ballroom dance

If there is one thing you're going to learn from this list, it's that the Royals like to dance. A lot. I'm guessing that if it's not the reason why they went to the World Series, then it's at least top five.

Here are Alcides Escobar and Erik Kratz showing you the proper way to hit the dance floor. 



9. Lorenzo Cain loves "Frozen"

Then again, who doesn't? 


A video posted by Salvador Perez (@salvadorp13) on



8. Cain has to get his "swole on"

Cain is featured in roughly 80% of Perez's posts. I don't think he likes that. 



7. And why doesn't Lorenzo Cain like Instagram? 

Because he doesn't like people hearing him sing: 

Mi hermanooooo Lolo Caín ������������������

A video posted by Salvador Perez (@salvadorp13) on



6. Fortunately, Perez doesn't listen.

Otherwise we would never have this holiday season-ready Lorenzo Cain Christmas carol. I've got it on repeat at home.  



5. But Cain's not the only one with a musical gift.

Turns out that Raul Ibanez has sick flow, bro. Bonus: I think the end of this one is taken from George A. Romero's "Diary of the Dead." 


A video posted by Salvador Perez (@salvadorp13) on



4. Ibanez's got some moves, too

I'm assuming that Ibanez is retiring so he can try out for "So You Think You Can Dance."

Hahahahahshs ���������������� clase de veteranos q tenemos aquí hahahahahs

A video posted by Salvador Perez (@salvadorp13) on



3. But seriously. Dude's got moves for days.

What's this move called: "The guy from 'Pretty Fly for a White Guy'"?



2. Smile

Even when Cain is happy being filmed, he's not happy being filmed. 

My amigo Lorenzo Caín �������������������� @el_ninokc13

A video posted by Salvador Perez (@salvadorp13) on



1. In the end, all Perez wants is a hug 

Isn't that all that anyone wants? 

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