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Here are 9 of the wildest baseball swings from this season

These 9 big leaguers had some trouble swinging the bat this year

Usually, Major League Baseball players have no trouble swinging the bat. See Giancarlo Stanton. But sometimes, they're unsure, confused or Bartolo Colon. Enjoy these nine wild/amazing swings from 2014.

Ike Davis tries to check his swing, realizes he can't check his swing, continues to follow through on his "swing."

Rookies, man.

When your helmet goes farther than the ball, you know you're in trouble.

Adam Eaton, that swing cray.


Relief pitchers hitting is the best, particularly when they have beards like Joba Chamberlain.


Nori Aoki with the ole' swinging face-plant.

Another Aoki feels his pain.

Pablo Sandoval was just a tad late on this Charlie Morton fastball.

Good effort, Elvis Andrus.

And finally, the King of Swing: Bartolo Colon.

Bartolo Colon swing



Just magical:

Bartolo Colon swing