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Here's Derek Jeter's high school scouting report -- was it right?

Baseball Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson recently tweeted a rare high school scouting report on Derek Jeter, dating all the way back to 1992. Just how much did the 18-year-old senior from Kalamazoo, MI resemble the 13-time All-Star of today?

Rockies scout Ed Santa (no relation) gave the future Yankee a promising adjusted OFP (Overall Future Potential) score of 61 -- a player graded 66 or higher is considered a star.  He gave Jeter above-average marks for running, fielding and "baseball instinct," but reserved his highest praise for the teenager's arm strength, drive and agility.

But the report isn't without its surprises. Santa rated the shortstop's hitting ability and power as "poor," predicating a future improvement to "below average" (cough, cough). According to data compiled by Beyond the Box Score's Dave Gershman, an offensive rating of 40 should roughly correlate to 10-15 HRs in a season and an average between .245 and .264. In reality, Jeter has batted .313 over his 18-year career in the Majors, which corresponds to a scouting grade of 70, and has hit 16 homers per 162 games (equivalent to a respectable 50).

Lest you discount this scout's abilities, Santa was emphatically clear that this was a player with "All-Star pot[ential]." I love his poetic, holistic evaluations ("perfect SS body") -- straight out of the old-school scouting scenes in Moneyball -- but it's the report's final summary that gives me goosebumps: "This guy is special. You get excited just watching him warm up."

Idelson also tweeted scouting reports for Juan Marichal and Ernie Banks (spoiler: the 1950's was kind of a different time), all of which will appear in an upcoming Cooperstown exhibit honoring scouts.

Morale has been low in the Bronx since it was announced Thursday that Jeter will be sidelined through the All-Star break. A second fracture has complicated the ankle injury he suffered in the American League Championship against the Tigers last season.

Maybe a look back to the past is the pick-me-up Yankees fans need.

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /

(h/t Reddit)

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