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Get ready for Father's Day by practicing dad catches all week long

Here's how to pull off a perfect dad catch

Father's Day is on June 21, and we know how you're preparing: By practicing the perfect dad catch. What's a dad catch, you ask? Well, clearly you're not very far along in your preparations. Aren't you lucky we're here to help?

Here, let this expert of the form demonstrate:


Carrying his child in one arm, he nonchalantly snatches a home run ball with the other.

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Want to make a dad catch of your own? Don't worry -- with a little work, this could be you! Here's how:

Step 1: Be a dad or a child.

To recreate the catch above, you should either have a baby or be a baby. If you are the latter, congratulations! You are a very advanced baby and we're impressed with your internet-navigating abilities. But to be honest, we are generally impressed with babies:



Step 2: Go to a baseball game.

This is what you should look like:




Step 3: Wait for a ball to come your way.

Then react accordingly:




Step 4: Freestyle!

The dad catch is a versatile art, so it accepts many interpretations. Why not play around, like the father of Astros prospect Conrad Gregor, who made this catch last year:


How is this a dad catch, you ask? Well, his son hit the ball.