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Here's what it sounds like when Bender from 'Futurama' calls a Matt Kemp homer

Bender from 'Futurama' calls Kemp HR

Though everyone who's ever seen a baseball will recognize his last name, television addicts might be more interested in hearing John DiMaggio's voice. The voice actor (no relation to Joltin' Joe), most famous for giving life and sound to Futurama's robot antihero, Bender, stopped by Express Written Consent on Tuesday to talk baseball and entertain everyone by calling a Matt Kemp home run.


He might not be Vin Scully, but DiMaggio realized the Kemp ball had a shot right of the bat. There was a lot of yelling and even a "kablammo" (sp?) in there at the end, just for good measure. If his career bending things and stuffing children into phonebooths ever fizzles out, at least we know Bender could call robot baseball games in the future.

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